Professional Tips for How to Become a Hand Model

Professional Tips for How to Become a Hand Model

Have you ever considered applying to become a professional hand model? Hand modeling requires a wide variety of hand types to be used by various print and video advertisements around the world. Parts modeling and hand modeling can be lucrative and rewarding career.

Becoming a hand model requires our talent to possess physical agility, the agility necessary to perform basic activities with one's hands with grace and elegance while being able to hold the pose for prolonged periods.

Our team at Closeup Los Angeles has compiled various tips you can use to apply to become a professional hand model. We recommend incorporating proper hand care, practicing poses, and working on your modeling portfolio. The following article will discuss some of these tips in greater detail to ensure your auditions are a success.

Examine Your Hands

When you want to become a hand model, the first thing you need to do is examine your hands. Proper manicured fingernails and well-kept hands are essential to being a professional hand model. Modeling agencies and brands you hope to work with will have a wrong impression of your abilities based on the presentation of your hands.

Practice Poses

Many aspiring hand models do not realize how important practicing their poses can affect the number of gigs they get. We recommend to research and practice poses seen in editorial magazines, the fashion industry, and understand current trends in various advertisements

Create a Strong Portfolio

There is a reason why you need to create a strong portfolio. A solid portfolio is vital because it shows potential employers that you are serious about working as hand models.

The portfolio does not have to be huge. But it must have your most magnificent pictures holding various products. This is because you will want to impress potential employers with your ability to make the products look good.

Take Proper Care of Your Hands

Proper hand care for any hand model is critical. To become a published hand model, you will have to do is take proper care of your hands and nails.

If you are doing hand modeling Los Angeles, you've probably come across our MIRACLE Hand Cream. This hand cream is specially formulated for professional hand models. This unique moisturizing cream is never oily or greasy. We formulated this cream to give our hand models the perfect amount of hydration without looking oily on set.

Daily use of our hand cream offers various benefits including:

  1. It restores dry skin and moisturizes dry hands. These dry skin patches are often a result of constant exposure to products that contain toxic chemicals. The hand cream helps remove these toxic chemicals from your hands while maintaining a natural look.
  2. It makes your skin more elastic and softens it, reducing puffiness and underarm fat on your face and hands.
  3. It helps alleviate the itching that can occur in between your fingers during the day due to the constant touching of products.
  4. It does not leave any greasy film on your skin. Since Closeup has specially designed this hand care for hand modeling, it does not leave a greasy film on your hands or body parts.
  5. It is an anti-aging product and an excellent solution for damaged skin. It comprises ingredients that help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

Submit Applications to Model Agencies

After you have put in the hard work and have perfected all the necessary skills of hand modeling, you will have to make an application to a model agency. You must include all your details and a portfolio of your best pictures in every application.

Once you get a chance to work with an agency, then you need to be patient. You cannot expect immediate results. It takes time for any model agency to find suitable hand models for each project. So, you need to be patient and wait for the right opportunity.

Becoming a professional hand model is not easy. But if you are willing to put in the necessary effort, you can do so easily. The above information guides your professional journey as a hand model.

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